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Frequently Asked Questions

CHOYS Moment Wall

The Moment Wall is like a lively bulletin board where everyone in your workplace can receive updates about accomplishments. It's a space to spread positive vibes and celebrate together.

How Does it Work?

In the workplace, every moment matters. A digital record of organisational and individual achievements, the CHOYS Moment Wall keeps your workforce motivated and engaged.ย 

Here's how it works:

Celebrate Achievements

Recognitions received by employees are posted on the Moment Wall, allowing colleagues across departments to cheer for each other.

Take Pride in Creating Impact Together

The Moment Wall highlights the social impact created by your organisation. This way everyone can keep track of their donations and inspire others to contribute towards giving to the community.ย 

Celebrate Birthday and Work Anniversaries

Never miss a birthday or work anniversary! The Moment Wall reminds you about your colleaguesโ€™ birthdays and work anniversaries and vice versa, so you can celebrate personal milestones and create lasting memories as a team.ย 

Stay Connected and Celebrate Each Other With CHOYS Moment Wall

Sharing milestones and achievements makes work more enjoyable. It's a simple way to connect with your team and create a positive work environment.

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