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Frequently Asked Questions

At CHOYS, we empower your workforce with personalised benefits that elevate their holistic wellbeing. Bo, our digital Chief Wellbeing Officer, curates benefits for your employees suited to their unique needs.

But that's not all! We take wellbeing to a whole new level by motivating your teams through fun and engaging methods such as mood tracking, habit tracking, recognitions and team challenges.

The best part? As they progress, we reward them with coins which they can spend on making impactful charitable donations, aligning with their individual purposes.

You can send a message to hello@getchoys.com or schedule a demo here.

Yes, you can access the CHOYS app through both Android and iOS.

As an employee, you can use the CHOYS app to get:

  • Access the personalised improvement plan.
  • Instant overview of your own wellbeing status.
  • Use CHOYS to collect virtual coins and donate to charitable causes that you care about as you become healthier.

Refer CHOYS to your employer by filling the share with employer form.

You can also refer us by giving us your employer's email address here at hello@getchoys.com. We will contact them without mentioning your identity.

Yes, you can log on to our demo app to experience some of CHOYS features for 14 days with your team. If you like it you can make a purchase after 14 days!