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CHOYS Steps Challenges

CHOYS Step Challenges motivate and reward employees to stay fit and active.

With the CHOYS Step Challenges, you and your colleagues can embark on thrilling monthly and weekend competitions that revolve around stepping up your activity levels.

How to Enable Steps Tracking for Android?

Here’s how Android users can enable step tracking and earn rewards on CHOYS:

  1. Install the Google Fit app.
  2. Log into Google Fit with your Play Store email address.
  3. Grant CHOYS access to your Google Fit step data for rewards.

How to Enable Steps Tracking for iOS?

Here’s how iOS users can enable step tracking and earn rewards on CHOYS:

  1. Grant the CHOYS app permission to access your steps data in the Health App.

How to Stay Active With CHOYS Step Challenges?

Here's all you need to know about the CHOYS Step Challenges:

1. Step Up Your Activity

The Step Challenges are designed to motivate you to prioritise your physical wellbeing. Each challenge is a stepping stone to a healthier you.

You and your team will strive to complete a specific number of steps, making exercise and physical activity enjoyable and rewarding.

2. Monthly and Weekend Challenges

With both monthly and weekend challenges, you have options to fit your schedule and preference.

The monthly challenges provide long-term goals, while the weekend challenges offer shorter bursts of activity for a dynamic and exciting experience.

Choose the challenges that align with your wellbeing journey and unleash your competitive spirit!

3. A Win for Health and Teamwork

Step Challenges promote not only physical health but also teamwork and unity. Collaborate with your colleagues, support each other, and celebrate every milestone reached.

As you work together towards common goals, you build a strong support network that enhances your wellbeing journey. Together, you'll achieve greatness!

4. Elevate Your Wellbeing

Embrace the thrill of Step Challenges and elevate your wellbeing to new heights. Compete, collaborate, and achieve a healthier, happier you.

Let the joy of stepping up inspire you to make positive lifestyle changes and prioritise your health.

Ready to Step Up for Team Challenges?

Join our monthly and weekend Step Challenges, embrace healthy competition, and boost your physical wellbeing with the power of teamwork. Get ready for an exhilarating journey towards a healthier you!

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