Build a sense of belonging in a sustainable and scalable way

CHOYS Belong empowers people to become healthier selves through social accountability while maximising organisational impact.


Why is a sense of belonging in the workplace important?

A lack of belonging in the workplace can reduce team productivity and commitment, and increase absenteeism and staff turnover.

Thus meaningful work connections and quality team bonding help with better performance, quality output, and greater engagement at work.

Sense of belonging at work is a top driver of employee engagement.



In Job Performance



In turnover risk



In sick days

Source : Harvard Business Review

Increase the sense of belonging in your team

See the transformation in productivity when your team builds trust and forms genuine connections with each other.


Hear from our Co-founder

The hardest thing about taking care of one’s wellbeing is having permission from yourself and your team, so we decided to make CHOYS fun to encourage each other to become healthier.

Sharon Li


How It Works

Create meaningful moments together

Celebrate workplace moments and individual and organisational achievements together as a team, no matter where you are. Leverage social accountability to encourage each other to become healthier. 


Recognise, reward, and engage!

Use positive reinforcement to keep your team motivated. Build a culture of appreciation by awarding cool badges to your team members.

Collective challenge with collective impact

Show your commitment to your team’s health. Reward your team members for completing challenges and recognise them for collective effort.


Introduce playfulness into your workplace

Build a sense of community in your team with a Leaderboard that promotes healthy competition. When team members play together to earn CHOYSCoins it increases their ranks and, in turn, their level of engagement. 

Let no one be lonely, let no one be a stranger.

Create your digital work profiles with the CHOYS Manual of You or CHOYS Profile feature. Explore your colleagues’ profiles to get to know birthdays, common interests, preferences, likes, dislikes, and more.


Enhance your work culture today

Improve your employee’s wellbeing through our app-only option. Create a higher sense of belonging for employees, which results in better work performance and retention.